Epoxy & PU Flooring

Used to beautify floors for factory, kitchen and public areas. Also available in Food Grades speciality

Floor Coating

The clean environment comes from the clean floor. Create pure and pleasant atmosphere with the clean floor.
A. Epoxy coating & Lining
KCC Unipoxy Floor Coating & Lining
  • Epoxy anti dust floor coating
KCC Unipoxy Resin Mortar
  • High intensity epoxy resin mortar
KCC Unipoxy Embo
  • Epoxy Embo coat
KCC Supro Sunipoxy Coating
  • Waterbourne epoxy floor coating
KCC Unipoxy Chemical Resistance
  • Chemical resistance epoxy floor coating
B. Urethane Coating
KCC Sporthane
  • Urethane anti dust floor coating
C. Polyurea Floor Coating
KCC Hyperurea
  • Polyurea waterproofing & floor coating

PU Flooring

KCC I-Krete
  • A highly durable polyurethane resin flooring coating
Tested and certified by TUV SUB PSB Singapore :JIS Z 2801:2000 Anti Microbial and SIRIM QAS:BS 6920:Port 1:2000 (Suitability of Non metallic Product for use in Contact with Water Intended for Human Cunsumption)

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