Distributor Bahan - Bahan Bangunan dan Pekerjaan Sipil

Perusahaan distributor bahan bangunan di Indonesia Timur yang berlokasi di Surabaya

About Us

PT. Citra Prisma Mandiri didirikan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan spesifik pada bidang perbaikan beton, waterproofing, gypsum dan sealant. Dengan dukungan dan alih tehnologi dari perusahaan - perusahaan Internasional yang memproduksi produk-produk unggulan seperti Bostik, Knauf, Yoshino, Boral, Fibrin, Gripset, Shinetsu & Star Series.

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Our Services


Used to protect concrete structures from being penetrated by water hus causing further concrete deterioration and leakages.

  1. Waterproofing by Crustallisation for Concrete
  2. Waterproofing Semenbased by Coating
  3. Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane
  4. Waterproofing Membrane by Coating
  5. Planter System / Green Roof

High Pressure Grouting

Used to repair active water leakages in concretes (tunnels, basements roof decks, bathroom x pool decks)

  1. Leakages on : Basement, Bathroom, Balcony, Roof Deck, Pool
  2. Soil Injection and Geogrouting
  3. Failed Expansion Joints/movement Joints

Epoxy Grouting

Used to restore the untegrity of cracked and honey combed concrete structures

  1. DRY : Roof deck / Retaining wall / Basement Floor
  2. DRY & WET : Roof deck / Retaining wall / Basement Floor
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Gypsum Work

  1. Wall Banding
  2. Casting

Ceiling Work


Light Steel Frames

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Metal Ceiling Works

Used to beautify ceiling in outdoor/public areas such as airport lounges, bus and train station and special areas like kitchens and pool decks, also available for facades of commercial buildings and bridges etc.

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Sealant Works

Used to band two massive structures and prevents leakage through the joins

  1. Precast Concrete Joints
  2. Aluminium to Aluminium / Aluminium to glass joints / ACP Joints
  3. Automotive
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Floor Coating

The clean environment comes from the clean floor. Create pure and plasant atmosphere with the clean floor

  1. Epoxy coating & Lining
  2. Urethane Coating
  3. Polyurea Floor Coating

PU Coating

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The clean environment comes from the clean floor. Create pure and plasant atmosphere with the clean floor


Marine Paints

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Our Projects

Bandara Ngurah Rai - Bali

Water Place - Surabaya

Satrio Tower - Jakarta

Bandara Juanda T2 - Surabaya

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